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Generic Cialis - so called Clones

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ViagraClones  and  CialisClones
forzest tadalafil
Sildenafil Citrate Tablets.
Product is equivalent to Viagra®, manufactured by Pfizer®.

Cialis-Clones Tablets.
Product is equivalent to Cialis® manufactured by Eli Lilly®.

  Q:What is the difference between Cialis Clones and Viagra Clones?
A:Cialis (Tadalafil) comes in smaller doses and hence has fewer side effects. It works much faster than Viagra (Sildenafil). Most men who are taking Cialis or its Clones were able to have sexual intercourse within about 20 minutes. Tadalis-Cialis stays effective in the body for up to 36 hours. This compares to a 4-hour time frame for Viagraclones Viagra Silagra Sildenafil. Pfizer's Viagra has been in use since 1998 and is still the most popular potence drug.
Q:Does Tadalafil Cialis or its generic version have any adverse side effects?
A:Clinical test results have shown that Cialis and its clones have no adverse side effects on vision or heart functions. It is believed that this drug is more selective than Viagra at targeting PDE-5 receptor sites. Besides controlling the blood flow to the human penis, PDE-5 enzymes play an essential role in the action of cells in the brain, heart, kidney and eyes.
Q:How well do CialisClones or the Original from Eli Lilly work?
A:In clinical trials, results showed that out of 700 participants at least 88% of men experienced improvement with their erections and were able to achieve firm erections after taking Cialis. There is no difference between the Original and the Generic Drug. This is a general statement since the components of Generics are the same as in the original.
Q:What is the normal Cialis (Tadalafil) dose?
A:The starting dose should be one 10mg tablet or half a 20 mg tablet before sexual activity. If the effect of this dose is too weak your physician may increase the dose to 20mg.
Q:Can I use Cialis with other drugs such as Viagra?
A:No, you should not use Cialis together with any other treatments for erectile dysfunction.
Q:How often can I take Cialis?
A:The recommended dose is no more than one pill (10/20mgs) per day. Daily use of Cialis is strongly discouraged.
Q:Who should not take Cialis?
A:Cialis is a treatment for male impotence only and should not be taken by women. You should not take Cialis or its Clones if you have serious heart disease or have had a recent heart attack or stroke or if you have low blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure. There are several medications known to interact adversely with Cialis. Please tell your doctor about all medications you are taking including any which don't require a prescription.
Q:Are there any restrictions of drive a car or operate machinery?
A:In a percentage of men Dizziness has orrurred aftre using Cialis. You should be aware of how you react to Cialis before you drive or operate machinery.
Viagra® is a Trademark of Pfizer, Inc®
Cialis® is a Trademark of Eli Lilly®
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