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3 Ways to Save Big on Expensive Hepatitis C Medication

Combine a 28 days Hepatitis C Treatment with a Vocation on the Beach and Still Save Money
Cheapest Way to Cure Hepatitis C
Arrange Another Way of Saving on Sofosbuvir and Ledispavir with  Us

There are two main problems with this method. The first, is that you're in even more of a legal grey area because you're ordering a larger amount. For a variety of reasons, this isn't much of a concern, but just in case you're worried, I discuss this in more depth at the end.

The second problem is that you need to find a reliable supplier. Normally I find my suppliers for these non-narcotics on sites like [alibaba](www.alibaba.com), then I do some further research of individual vendors to find the most trustworthy vendors. You may use another one,
but MESOCHEM in Beijing is 7 years in business and has Gold Supplier Status on Alibaba.

If you do decide to go through with this method, you'll need at least one person involved who has a scale and capsules. You can buy a Next Shine high precision mg scale weighting deviceon Amazon

and 1000 size 0 capsules for about  $9

This adds ~$32 - $40 to the cost, plus it might be nice to pitch in a little bit to pay whoever makes the capsules, because putting together treatment for 14 people means creating 1176 capsules, which is a tedious, but not difficult task.

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Now that you've seen the methods, and perhaps decided which method is best for you, we now neexd to answer the question of where to get your funding. There are two primary methods for funding.
Funding Method 1: Bring your own cash**
 In this method, you simply bring your own cash. Pretty straightforward if you're getting generics for one person, but a little more complicated if you're putting together a group to bring down the cost of treatment to $70+ per person using Method 2 to get powder drugs directly from the chemist. First things first, when using Method 2 you need a group of people who need treatment. If you do this online, you also need to add ~$7 per person (for USPS Priority) to the cost to account for shipping cost, or perhaps have a generous coordinator/individual willing to foot the shipping costs. It can be done for cheaper if you use first class at about the same speed as Priority. Again, this is a bit of a legal grey area, but even less risky than before.
**More info on where to recruit a group of people can be found below**.
Fortunately, when you do go about recruiting people, you'll be able to link them to this blueprint as a method of persuading them that this method of curing their hep-C works. You don't necessarily need to get a group of 14 people, because even a group of 2 people basically cuts the cost in half or more. Furthermore, you may find someone willing to put in $300+ to cover the costs of 2-3 extra people for free. All of this means that you need to be proactive in organizing a group of patients who need treatment, and you need to coordinate this effectively. This means you need to decide amongst yourselves who will be in charge of the funds, which is a very important part of managing a group-buy, and a challenging part of organizing a group-buy with strangers on the internet. It helps to build trust by swapping real-life information, phone numbers, social media, etc. It's not fool-proof, but verifying peoples identity certainly helps in this realm. Use cash or bank transfers only.
Funding Method 2: GoFundMe / Crowdfunding**
In this method, you simply raise the money online through crowdfunding sources such as GoFundMe. Again, it's relatively straightforward if you're just trying to raise $1000 for yourself for the generics. However, if you're trying to raise money for several people, you'll have to organize just like above. Although the total cost is about the same for Generics vs Powdered Drugs, there are advantages to having multiple people behind the Crowdfunding campaign. First, if some people can afford ~$100-$500 each, and others cant, crowdfunding can be a way for those who are able to contribute to pay their fair share, while letting other generous people cover the share of people with financial difficulties. Furthermore, by having more personal stories to share, and more family and friends to advertise to, you increase your likelihood of successfully raising the ~$1000+ needed to cure 14+ people. Furthermore, if you raise over the required $1000, you could choose to buy different drugs which might have more data for certain genotypes of Hep-C, you could use the extra money to pay for Hep-C tests and liver tests for the patients undergoing the treatment, or you could use the extra money to buy more powdered drugs and therefore cure more people. You could then donate those drugs to others in need of treatment, or you could help set-up someone with initiative with Funding Method 3 below. Once again, if you're fundraising for a group, you'll need to address the same challenges of coordinating a group as mentioned above.

Funding Method 3: Profit Motive**
In this method, you have one proactive member who organizes and orchestrates the whole thing, buys the drugs, weighs and capsules them, and ships them to needy patients. At a cost of ~$65-$100/person, one can charge $200-$300 per person and make a healthy profit while still very much helping people in need. You could also charge $100 before and $100-$200 after they are proven cured for those skeptical people. You could use a Dark Net Market such as Alphabay to keep your anonymity and keep BTC in escrow for the safety of your buyers. Unfortunately this method requires one person to foot the bill for ~$1100 total in setup costs. However, you can use a combination of Crowdfunding and Profit Motive so that you can raise enough for 2-3 people to get cured for free, and then have the organizer keep the extra 10 12-week supplies to sell to people in the future, which also allows them to have enough when they've sold their stock to restock with a little leftover for a humble profit. Although it naturally feels wrong to profit off of helping people cure Hep-C, people should be understanding that there's little motivation to coordinate such an effort to cure people. By charging ~$200-$300 you give the coordinator enough of a motivation to carry on helping people, and those people will likely be very appreciative that they can get their hep-C cured for a meager few hundred dollars. You could also use the profits to provide free treatment to those who are in the most dire situations, and I'd recommend accepting tips for those who can afford extra. $200-$300 may be a lot for some people, but others might be thrilled to pay a full $1000+ if it means that they get this awful disease cured. I hope that someone will take up this method because it's beneficial to all parties involved.


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